Women are responsible for only 9% of the direction of the films released in the world; 84% of active women filmmakers have made only one feature in their careers; and 1/3 of the most successful films released in 2016 had only one or no woman at all in their crew. This project aims to change this reality and empower established and new women directors.

What is ELAS label?

Seal of distributor ELO COMPANY for feature film projects with female direction. In addition to thinking about the commercial strategy of the project and distribution, a network of experienced professionals from the audiovisual market (from the artistic, executive and legal areas) collaborate in consulting the projects seeking to boost results and promote the balance of films made by women.

Ruben Feffer
Composer, keyboardist, producer and musical director, Ruben is the founder of Ultrassom Music Ideas. He has been working for more than 15 years as music producer and composer, creating scores for film in Brazil and abroad, TV series and theater. His work has been awarded in several national and international festivals.
Barbara Sturm
Content Manager
Barbara has a degree in Film and has been a participant in international programs of specialization in distribution such as CICAE Training (Venice Film Festival) and Berlinale Talent Campus (Berlin International Film Festival). For several years, she was a director at distributing company Pandora Filmes and now takes on the role of Content Manager at ELO Company, managing the ELAS label.
Helena Bernardi
Advisor to Diamond Films in Brazil
Graduated in International Business and Management, HBO's Content Acquisition VP, Globo International's director of marketing and sales, and director of content distribution for Walt Disney. Today she is an advisor to Diamond Films in Brazil, focusing on content production projects.
Simone Elias
Film director
Director of cinema, she worked as assistant director of Beto Brant and today she realizes her projects by Andara Filmes, such as the series "Cantoras do Brasil"; the documentary "Piece of an Asa"; the long one "The duel, with the Mundana Cia de Teatro (in phase of finalization.
Bianca Lenti
Partner and creative director of Giros
Partner and creative director of Giros, Bianca began her career for 15 years as a screenwriter of TV series and long documentaries. His resume accumulates productions for Canal Futura, GNT, TV Brasil, Globo News, History Channel and Canal Brasil, among others, as well as the scripts of the award winning ...
First Name
Partner and Executive Director of Giros
Partner and executive director of Giros, film and television producer. Great experience in project management, works in the development, planning and commercialization of the projects developed by the producer.
Georgia Costa Araújo
Director of the São Paulo producer Coração da Selva
Director of the São Paulo producer Coração da Selva for 15 years, responsible for the TV and film productions. It operates from development to delivery to the exhibition market, and is also responsible for fundraising and legal and negotiation aspects.
Daniela Pfeiffer
Cultural and film producer
Cultural and film producer, with experience in legislation, executive training, project development and strategies for companies and professionals in the audiovisual market. Currently director of the Technical Audiovisual Center (CTAv), linked to the Secretariat of Audiovisual (SAv) of the Ministry of Culture (MinC).
Carole Moser
Executive management of audiovisual projects
Internationalist and Cultural Manager formed by IESA-PARIS, has eight years of experience with executive coordination and funding of audiovisual projects. She teaches Business Models and Market Strategy in the courses of Production and Executive Production of AIC / SP and acts in the executive management of audiovisual projects.
Luiza Favale
Chief Financial Officer of Glaz Group
A financial expert, she currently serves as the financial director of Grupo Glaz - Copa Studio, where she produced, among others, the feature films "Loucas para Casar", "Tô Ryca!", "Elite Cup", "Earthworms" and TV series "Haunted Cartoons for Spoiled Kids", "Life of Estagíario" and "Brother of Jorel".
Cesnik Quintino & Salinas
Legal advice
Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas - CQS Advogados provides comprehensive legal advice for the planning, structuring and viability of business in the areas of technology, culture and entertainment and the third sector.
Dra Mariana Melo
A lawyer, she is a partner at Mello Advogados and Associados. He works with private law in general, especially in the area of ​​Copyright, with extensive experience in advising collective management associations.
Dr. Raquel Lemos
Graduate lawyer in Civil Law (2009) and Digital and Telecommunications Law (2011) by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Consultant specializing in contracts and business strategy with solid experience in entertainment, creative economics and technology.

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