Projeta às 7 is a Cinemark and Elo Company initiative that opens a new window for Brazilian cinema.

With a program dedicated to Brazilian works of fiction and documentaries, which would normally have little space in the commercial circuit, Projeta participants at 7 are shown in rooms scattered throughout Brazil: they are several genres, coming from north to south, directed by men and consecrated or novice women.
The films run from Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m., with special prices ranging from R $ 12 a whole to R $ 6 a half, being shown in 20 cinemas in 19 cities of the country.

Em cartaz no circuito Cinemark das cidades:

Aracaju Gardens (Aracaju)
Savassi (Belo Horizonte)
Pier 21 (Brasilia)
Iguatemi Campinas (Campinas)
Campo Grande (Campo Grande)
Guava (Cuiabá)
Flamboyant (Goiânia)
Londrina (Londrina)
Christmas (Christmas)
South Bar (Porto Alegre)
Riomar Recife (Recife)
Ribeirão Preto (Ribeirão Preto)
Downtown (Rio de Janeiro)
Salvador (Salvador)
Mar Beach (Santos)
Hills (São José dos Campos)
Eldorado (Sao Paulo)
Santa Cruz (Sao Paulo)
Victoria (Victoria)

Check the schedule and choose your movie!

  • The documentary has the purpose of narrowing the connection of what we consume in our day-to-day with the chains of production, approaching ...
  • During the demonstrations that occurred in São Paulo in recent years, the Military Police was responsible for violently assaulting, wounding ...
  • The universe of Brazilian children from different regions, social classes and degrees of autism spectrum disorder: their ...
  • Helô has a troubled relationship with his mother Ruth, besides being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Everything changes when you know ...
  • A love triangle of the past reappears forty years later. Miguel and Lucia are celebrating their four decades anniversary ...
  • Documentary that, through interviews, archive images and artistic performances, shows how gays of different generations were conquering ...
  • Based on real facts, Dear Ambassador tells the story of Luiz de Souza Dantas, Brazilian ambassador who, in World War II ...
  • Two centuries ago, a sugar plantation was a scene of horrors. Years later, the past remains and strange events begin to ...

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