New partnership between Elo Company and Latitude Producer
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September was a busy month for Elo Company! Our CEO, Sabrina Nudeliman Wagon, went to Canada to attend the TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival; Barbara Sturm, Acquisition Manager, was in Belém do Pará for Marahu Lab, taking part in panels and business roundtables; and Gabriela Souza, Project Manager, participated in the Cuiabá Business Marathon, promoted by Sebrae, in Mato Grosso.

In this last event, we signed another distribution contract! We had the opportunity to finalize a partnership with the Latitude producer that started at the 2017 Business Meeting. The contract for distribution of Duflair Barradas' O Ring of Eve was signed.

The feature film, filmed in Cuiabá and Cáceres, tells the story of Eva, played by Suzana Pires. After her father's death, Eve receives an inheritance ring that may have some connection with Nazi Germany and decides to go after the story behind that object.

gabi sebrae

The script is a co-creation between Stéfanie Medeiros and Duflair Barradas and the executive production is by Gisela Magri Barradas. The film is being finalized and is scheduled for release in 2021. Journalist Rita Comini wrote about the event for Gazeta Digital de Cuiabá and highlighted the new partnership signed. Check out an excerpt from the article:

“During the event, a contract was signed between Elo Company and Latitude to distribute the feature film 'The Ring of Eve' by filmmaker Duflair Barradas. The film is being finalized and is due for release in 2021. The first contact between the filmmaker, his producer Gisela Magri Barradas with an Elo representative took place at the 2017 Business Meeting. Now Gabriela Souza, Elo Company representative, highlighted the importance of having access to other stories outside the Rio-São Paulo axis. She also participated in three more meetings to negotiate two other feature films and a series. ”

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