By following photographer Christian Cravo, Cravos is a documentary about artistic process and family rescue, in which a young artist struggles to find his voice, conquer his space and deal with the artistic legacy of his ancestors.
Flávio (Rafael Cortez) is a stand-up comedian who, amidst success, is faced with the challenge of finding the sense of humor he loses after his mother, Graça (Fafy Siqueira), discovers that she has cancer.
The story of a group of women political prisoners who occupied a wing in Tiradentes prison in the 70s. 40 years later, these women (Dilma Roussef's former cellmates) break the silence and reveal how they lived together in prison under the military dictatorship, tackling not only political issues such as the history of democracy in Brazil but also the role of women as militants.
A teenage scholar, encouraged by her teacher, engages in the secondary movement during the occupation of her school, discovering the importance of coexistence in the school environment. At home, she must confront her father's authority, contrary to her participation in the occupation.
The true story of Isadora, a teenager who lives in the middle class of Florianopolis and revolts against the precarious conditions of her school. When creating a website, the girl can mobilize the attention of the whole world.
The past from the Maria Josefine Matilde Durocher, or Madame Durocher, which reflects her time, place and society in which she lived.
Anita is a writer who is successful throughout Latin America. To announce his book "Violetta", he makes a release in Argentina, where he ends up meeting Holden and, in crisis with his career, decides to embark on this novel and not return to Brazil.
Born free, Luiz Gama was sold as a child as a slave by his father. He suffered the horrors of slavery and yet he was able to study and become his own lawyer, freeing himself and devoting time and knowledge to the struggle for freedom for others like him.
Years after separating, Ana and Fernando decided to visit once again Chapada dos Veadeiros, which was the scene of an intense love story between the two. The trip is a second chance for this passion. But time has passed and they may not be the same.
A fictional feature that shows the preparation of a team of young actors about to premiere a play and everything that happens with this group off the stage during this period.
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