Christian Cravo lost his father due to cancer, lost many of his friends during a massive earthquake in Haiti and was sued by his brothers for the copyrights of his father’s works. Cravos follows the Brazilian art photographer (son of awarded photographer Mario Cravo Neto and grandson of legendary sculptor Mario Cravo Jr.) in his trips to Tanzania, Namibia and Uganda as he reflects on his life, art and family.
A teenage scholar, encouraged by her teacher, engages in the secondary movement during the occupation of her school, discovering the importance of coexistence in the school environment. At home, she must confront her father's authority, contrary to her participation in the occupation.
The true story of Isadora, a teenager who lives in the middle class of Florianopolis and revolts against the precarious conditions of her school. When creating a website, the girl can mobilize the attention of the whole world.
The past from the Maria Josefine Matilde Durocher, or Madame Durocher, which reflects her time, place and society in which she lived.
Anita is a writer who is successful throughout Latin America. To announce his book "Violetta", he makes a release in Argentina, where he ends up meeting Holden and, in crisis with his career, decides to embark on this novel and not return to Brazil.
Born free, Luiz Gama was sold as a child as a slave by his father. He suffered the horrors of slavery and yet he was able to study and become his own lawyer, freeing himself and devoting time and knowledge to the struggle for freedom for others like him.
Ernesto, an eighty-year-old Uruguayan photographer living in Brazil, has been facing the troubles of old age such as loneliness and an increasing blindness he thinks he can hide from everyone. As days go by, he realizes that growing old may also mean to have fun with one’s ghosts, to indulge oneself in the blurred images of blindness, to feel young again with the fresh company of a young neighbor trying to discover life. And that it may not be too late to explore the possibility of an old love never forgotten.
To be Saint is, before anything else, necessary to be man. It is to strip and give oneself to the vocation and arduous, though glorious, mission of dedication to the brothers in Christ, thus, sometimes being it their consolation, hope, direction and miracle.
After the death of his mother a lonely young man finds his half - sister for the first time. From this intense conviviality are revealed unexpected truths about the father and the past of the two.
Rotina típica de quem vive nos cortiços do bairro do Bexiga, na cidade de São Paulo, retratada pelos olhos de uma menina de nove anos em uma jornada para conseguir dinheiro e comprar um presente de aniversário para sua avó – um kit de maquiagem completo.
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