Ophelia's Death
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A young photographer believes she has found out who her father is, and, determined, she swims from Santos to Ubatuba, where she expects to find him. Before leaving, she sends him a letter saying she is on her way. Tedesco, an internationally famous artist, receives the letter from the daughter who he did not know existed, and, surprised at the possibility of late parenthood, but at the same time suspicious, asked Smutter to join her in this journey. As a misunderstood artist with a withdrawn personality, he is some kind of generous master who knows the value of his art. He agrees, as if it were a favor, but throughout the journey he eventually gets closer and closer to her. Smutter is not aware of the possibility of Ophelia being the daughter of Tedesco. Tedesco is not aware of the obsession she awakens in Smutter. She does not even know that she is being followed. Looking to the past, they try to find themselves. But they have other plans, which they will not be able to avoid. In search of his greatest work, he decides to register the maximum moment of intimacy and solitude of everything that is human: death. The Ophelia's death.


Produzido por: Geórgia Costa Araújo, Klaus Mitteldorf e Joana Mariani
Produção Executiva: Luciano Patrick, Justine Otondo, Peter Ketnath e Diane Maia
Direção: Klaus Mitteldorf
Roteirista: Nina Crintzs
Elenco: Bruna Marquezine, Peter Ketnath e Fernando Alves Pinto
Direção de Fotografia: Alexandre Ermel
Direção de Arte: Victor Lema Riqué
Trilha Musical: Zé Godoy, Jean Delouvroy e Duofel
Trilha Sonora Original: Zé Godoy
Montagem: Daniel Grinspum, Gustavo Giani, AMC e Rafael Melo
Desenho de Som: Miriam Biderman, ABC e Ricardo Reis, ABC

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