Son of Man
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2019 | FICTION | 119’

An Angel brings Mary the message of her pregnancy by the Holy Spirit. Even though he’s reluctant, Joseph marries her to raise the child as his own. Jesus is born in a humble stable and spends the following 33 years of his life preaching love, until his persecuted by the Roman Empire authorities and is condemned to die in a cross.

Director: Alexandre Machafer
Production Company: Fundação Cesgranrio
Cast: Allan Ralph, Fernanda Martinez, Fifo Benicasa, Lucas Apóstolo, Augusto Garcia

  • Filmed in locations in Rio de Janeiro, such as Outeiro da Glória, the Ministry of Work building and the Itamaraty building, both in the center of Rio de Janeiro, and in the Singra quarry, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro
  • The production of the film had 120 professionals on its team, and also 73 actors and 701 extras
  • The Baby who makes Jesus newborn, is the son of actor Allan Ralph who makes Jesus



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