O Fantástico Patinho Feio
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2018 | DOC | 74′

In the 1960s, four young people from Brasília decided to build a car to compete in the second largest race in the country, 500 km from Brasília. Driving against 33 other vehicles, mostly from major international brands, they started in last place but managed to finish the race in second position.

Director: Denilson Félix
Production Company: Caldo de Cana Filmes
Cast: Alex Dias Ribeiro, João Luiz, Zeca Vasssalo, Helládio Toledo, Emerson Fitipaldi, Reginaldo Leme e Nelson Piquet

  • The documentary reveals how Brasília's culture and education encouraged motorsport
  • Elected as the best film at Mostra Brasília, at the 50th Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema, winning the Legislative Chamber Trophy and also participated as a guest at the 2017 Curitiba Film Festival


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