Notas de Amor
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2015 | FICTION | 4×20′

A plane crash mobilizes the city. André, a journalist, is sent to cover the event by the chief editor Fernando. While André brings the investigation forward, Fernando reduces the coverage due to the stressful news routine and his relationship with his ex-wife and teenage daughter Maria. On family matters, Fernando usually asks his friend Roberto for advice, who is himself interested in a younger student called Tereza. Tereza finds work in a café frequented by João and Helena, Fernando‟s neighbors. Helena wants to redesign her house and contracts the services of the architecture practice of Carol, who in turn is André‟s ex-girlfriend. As in the poem Quadrilha, by the Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, the series sees the different characters entangled in the same universe. The story takes place in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, and each episode has a musical theme based on a song by local band, Saracura.

Director: Liliana Sulzbach
Produtora: Tempo Porto Alegre
Cast: Elisa Brites, Evandro Soldatelli, Maria Carolina Ribeiro, Emílio Farias, Sofia Mazza, Pedro de Oliveira, Miriã Possani, Carlos Busato, Isadora Pillar

  • Baseada nas músicas de Musical Saracura
  • Released by Netflix Portugal
  • Written by award-winning authors Fabrício Carpinejar and Carol Bensimon



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