Nina and the Guardians
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2018 | ANIMAÇÃO | 26×12′

"Nina and the Guardians" tell us about the adventure of little Nina, a six-year-old girl who lives with her parents in a forest reserve. Dr. Anna, her mother, is a biologist passionate about animals, especially marine ones, and her father, Ranger Francisco, a forest ranger, is a friend of the animals. One day, Nina is blessed with a magic necklace, that gives her the power to talk to animals and see the Guardians of Nature. She then begins to help them protecting not only fauna and flora, but the people who live within nature.

Director: Carlos Vizeu
Production Company: Noches Produções
Cast: Larissa Manoela, Mariana Borges, Felipe de Araújo, Leo Cavalcante, Felipe Carneiro, Cynthia Argolo, Eudes Mattos.

  • Young adult sensation Larissa Manoela (over 37 million followers on Instagram) dubs Nina, the main character
  • Teaches kids on the importance of ecology
  • Premiered on NatGeo Kids Latam with strong ratings
  • Nina’s Gurdians and other animals and plants are part of the Brazilian fauna and flora



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