Executive Order
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2020 | Drama | 81′

When executive Ricardo is found shot dead in the seat of his car without suspicion, Inspector Espinosa and police officer Daia are in charge of the case and soon begin to investigate the people closest to the victim. But when everyone involved in the case mysteriously disappears, the situation takes on unexpected proportions.

Director: Lázaro Ramos
Production Company: Lereby Produções e Lata Filmes
Coproduction: Globo Filmes
Cast: Alfred Enoch, Taís Araujo, Seu Jorge, Adriana Esteves, Renata Sorrah, Mariana Xavier, Flavio Bauraqui, Emicida

  • Directorial debut of actor and black activist Lázaro Ramos
  • Based on the play “Namíbia, Não!”, written by Aldri Anunciação
  • Special appearance by Emicida
  • Musical direction by Rincon Sapiência
  • Selected for SXSW 2020



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