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2019 | FICTION | 83’

Valdo is a talented photographer from Brasilia in love with his companion, the Argentine artist Clara. Both are able to keep the routine of the couple in a dynamic where they conciliate their pleasures. Caring, sex, music, alcohol and drugs unite them in this complicity. Until Clara discovers that she is pregnant and a new reality imposes on both: Clara soon realizes that life as it was, at least for the time being, is irreconcilable with motherhood. But Valdo, no. Now, Valdo has to face his alcoholism in order not to lose custody of his daughter.

Director: João Paulo Procópio
Production Company: Pavirada Filmes
Cast: Lourinelson Vladmir, Julieta Zarza, Pina Procópio, Fernanda Rocha

  • Selected for 23rd Mostra Brasília
  • 51st Brasilia Film Festival


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