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2016 | DOC | 87′

Theodomiro Romeiro dos Santos, militant of Brazilian Revolutionary Communist Party, started his fight against the brazilian dictatorship when he was 14 years old. He was arrested with 18 years old when he killed one of the police officers by resisting to go to jail. Now, he goes through his past trajectory and decides to tell what happened while he was arrested and tortured during 9 years.

Director: Emilia Rosa de Almeida Silveira
Production Company: 70 Filmes Produções Artísticas
Cast: Theodomiro Romeiro dos Santos; Fernando Romeio dos Santos (Guga); Bruno de Lacerda Romeiro dos Santos, Camila Bahia Santos, Renato Affonso de Carvalho, Regina Affonso de Carvalho, Emiliano José, Gilberto de Almeida, Haroldo Lima, Conceição Gontijo de Lacerda, Paulo Pontes

  • It's All True - International Documentary Festival
  • Brazilian Feature and Medium-Length Competition


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