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2021 | FICTION | 79′

Marcelo is a frustrated actor who carries a pessimistic burden in relation to his career paths. To be able to pay the bills of the simple house that lives with his mother, Alzheimer's carrier, he practices small blows with his best friend Guto (Douglas Silva), a cheerful and optimistic guy. When Marcelo finally gets a role in the film by Tereza (Naruna Costa), a renowned director, he begins to realize that he needs to get away from his best friend and leave the life of blows if he wants to succeed in his career.

Director: João Gabriel Kowalski
Production Company: Dmitriland Produções Artísticas
Coproduction: WTFilme
Cast: Douglas Silva, Hugo Bonemer, Marcelo Menezes, Naruna Costa, Gabi Spaciari, Lu Anastácio

  • Will start career in Festivals, with Gramado as a possibility


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