Burle Marx's Expeditions
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2013 | DOC | 4×26′

Expeditions Burle Marx is a TV series about the trips of observation, research and collection of plants promoted by Roberto Burle Marx in the different Brazilian ecosystems. José Tabacow and Oscar Bressane, collaborators of the landscaper, retrace the routes of these trips and reveal the importance of observing nature in the creation of their parks and gardens. Each episode highlights a facet of Burle Marx: the tireless collector of plants, the visionary of landscaping as modern art, the self-taught esthetic botanist and one of the precursors of the defense of the environment in Brazil.

Director: João Vargas Penna
Production Company: Camisa Listrada
Cast: José Tabacow e Oscar Bressane

  • About one of the greatest botanists in the world, Roberto Burle Marx



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