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2013 | FICÇÃO | 71′

Thiago and Guilherme are disturbed by their grandfather’s funeral. To avoid the unpleasantness surrounding the event, they runaway to the families cabin, taking Priscila with them. However, the fun is threatened when the alcohol comes to an end. With everything being recorded by their camera, the boys are forced to find new ways to hide their discomfort. And so they begin a game of seduction with the girl, which ends up bringing back old memories from the cabin.

Director: Kauê Telloli
Production Company: Saliva Produções Cinematográficas
Cast: Samya Pascotto, Francisco Miguez, Kauê Telloli

  • Produtor executivo – Esmir Filho (diretor de “Os Famosos e os Duendes da morte” melhor filme no Festival Internacional do Rio de Janeiro)


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