My Sister and I - The Life and Career of Irmãs Galvão
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2017 | DOC | 80′

Mary and Marilene's, the Galvão Sisters, career begins in the brazilian countryside's radio stations in the 1940s and goes on until they are recognized as brazilian music's most long-lasting duo. Talent, dedication and willpower are featured in their lives and concerts wherever they go. This documentary portrays the most striking moments of their 70-year old career and takes the spectator to a trip back to the old Brazil, including radios, circuses and the progress of television up to nowadays - when the duo becomes part of brazilian music's heritage.

Director: Thiago Rosente
Production Company: Dream Box Filmes
Cast: Renato Teixeira, Daniel, Chitãozinho e Xororó, Mario Campanha, Toni Gomide, Salomão Esper, Lorem Carvalho, José Hamilton Ribeiro, Mary Galvão, Marilene Galvão e Maria Galvão

  • Documentary portrays the trajectory of the longest-lived musical duo in Brazil



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