Forest Diaries
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2017 | FICÇÃO | 5×25′

Cecy Brik is a Young anthropologist that in the late ‘70s goes to the Amazonia’s confines to study the Paiter Indians. There, she gets involved with this people’s drama. She faces evangelical pastors, takes part in the struggle against land invaders, and sank her teeth into a society with habits, secrets, and worldviews that gradually take hold of her heart. On the other hand, the more the Paiters fight, more they get involved with the products and culture of the White Man’s world, and begin doubting the future. Forest Diaries is the narrative of these crossed-stories, in an epoch that demands definitions and choice of destinies.

Director: Luiz Arnaldo Dias Campos
Production Company: Floresta Vídeo
Cast: Rita Carelli, Chamuai Surui, Célia Maracajá, Marcia Wayna Kambeba, Brida Pantoja e Adriano Barroso

  • Series inspired by the book “Diaries of the Forest” by Betty Mindlin



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