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2016 | FICTION | 80′

One reality. Two actors. Three couples in crisis. Outburst tells the story of three couples in crisis. Three families living a crucial moment in their lives. They each represent a different social class, a different group of values. The boring opulence of wealth, the frustrating character of a goal oriented middle-class life, the overpowering struggles of poverty, in a way, these couples represent each and every one of us. Together they sketch a destructive status quo.

Director: Márcio Venturi
Production Company: Passarinho Verde Produções Artísticas
Cast: Inez Viegas e Fernando Alvez Pinto

  • Cinema adaptation of the award-winning play by Wilson Sayão, ‘Brazilian extravagance”, also known as “A Brazilian house for sure” and set up by theater director Amir Haddad in 1989, with his group “Tá na rua”



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