Ballad of Return
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2015 | FICÇÃO | 92′

One day, Eduardo arrives at his house and discovers that Julia, his wife, tried to commit suicide. She left her husband an two children without saying goodbye. After some time, she comes back home. He tries everything to set her straight, but the impossibility of knowing her fully grieves him. The shadow od the suicide and the inevitable ghost of a new chance hover over their heads. Eduardo insistis on understanding his wife, but an increasing jealousy and an unexpected discovery of her past torture gim. He does not realize that, most of the time, the search for control easily becomes an obsession.

Director: Gustavo Rosa de Moura
Production Company: Mira Filmes
Cast: João Miguel, Marina Person, Francisco Miguez, Stella Hodge, Marat Descartes, Poliana Pieratti


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