Brazilian Empire
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2020 | FICTION | 10x41'

“Brazilian Empire” (originally “Brasil Imperial”) presents the story of Arrebita, a young servat who arrives in Brazil alongisde the Portuguese court in 1808 - the inaugural event of a period of great political and social changes that transformed Rio de Janeiro into the capital of the Portuguese Empire and also created the conditions for Brazil’s independence.

Director: Alexandre Machafer
Production Company: Fundação Cesgranrio
Cast: Gláucio Gomes, Nara Monteiro, Jessica Córes, Oscar Calixto, João Campany, Dedeh Melo, Ricardo Soares, Adelmo Milani, Maria Esmeralda Forte, Gustavo Ottoni, Higor Campagnaro, Ricco Lima, Marcus Dioli, André Rayol, Luciano Szafir, Marcio Fonseca, Diogo Almeida, Renan Lima, Rodrigo Ladeira, Robson Maia, Fernanda Becker, Louise Clós e Gustavo Chermont

  • The series gives space to female characters who end up left aside by official historical records



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