As Aventuras de Fujiwara Manchester – 1ª Temporada
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2016 | ANIMATION | 13×11′

During the 27th century, Fujiwara Manchester is an adventurer who seeks an ancient lost jewel that may cause the end of the galaxy. He lives in an overcrowded city full of different people, practically a space pirate heaven. Always with touches of irony and parody, he will team up and confront various aliens in his adventures, which will reveal very human characteristics, such as solidarity, good humor, but also greed and arrogance.

Director: Alê Camargo
Production Company: Um Filmes
Cast: Orlando Viggiani, Shallana Costa. Paulo Porto, Marcio Scharrenbroic, Hélio Vaccari, Gilmar Lourenço, Cecília Lemes. Alê Camargo, Mauro Castro, Francisco Freitas

  • Special participation by Andrew Probert, creator of the Star Trek Enterprise spaceship, and the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future franchise
  • The film with the same character was the only Brazilian feature film in the Anima Mundi Competition in 2018, and was also present in Annecy



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