Brazilian Architects
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image movie

2015 | DOC | 13×52′

Each episode, Brazilian Architects traces the profile of a prestigious Brazilian architect, through a conversation with the architect himself, with some of his interlocutors and scholars on the subject, and promotes a tour of one of his reference works. It is from this tour that each episode will discuss relevant and recurring themes throughout the production of the portrayed architect, from the private to the general, macro or micro. Subjects such as the history and evolution of architecture, individual references, the creative process, the relationship of the work with the environment, innovation and sustainability, materials, design and function, are approached in a plastic and dynamic way through the images produced especially for the work. episode, as well as the artist's own collection.

Director: Diego Romero de Godoy
Production Company: Aiuê Produtora e Editora LTDA – ME


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