The drama unfolds in a week when John tries to put into practice a somewhat unusual plan - to be able to stop time.
When creative director Joel invites Alma, the beautiful young woman who has been posing in an artistic nude class to star in the campaign for the new perfume that his agency is launching, he is unaware that she is actually a boy, raised from childhood as a girl Alma accepts the invitation ...
The story, set at the end of the Federalist Revolution of 1893, follows the saga of Gumercindo Saraiva's son trying to rescue his father's head, decapitated and sent to governor Júlio de Castilhos.
Cosmo (Carlos Alberto Riccelli) is a taxi driver who loves to drive around São Paulo. One day, when he meets Mauro (Rodrigo Lombardi) in a bar, he receives an unusual proposal: to record testimonials of passengers in his taxi, telling him what they like about the city.
Upper mid-class girls have a fairly normal life: relationships, university classes, club parties. But what if this apparently innocent daily life is a life of excess? That is: little studying, lots of partying and lots of sex.
The film portrays young Astro adapting to life in Rio de Janeiro. Daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Swedish father, this Swedish sleeping star goes to Brazil to receive her inheritance and stays there longer than she would have imagined.
A fisherman promises the young woman to bring in all the fish in the world if she stops making and undoing her crochet. He is forced to go further and further, and increasingly alone, he uses the crochet lines to bring him back. John returns and brings him ...
A couple challenges the boundaries of privacy and the power of influence in their relationship by accepting roles in a game that isn't as destructive as it sounds. In fact, it is quite the opposite.
A dramatic comedy that takes place in the cities of Genoa and Salvador. With Europe in financial crisis, Marco Parodi, a young Italian from the lower class, lives with his parents and sister until his grandmother moves in with her family. Suffocated, Marco takes the attitude of traveling ...
During the Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo, four people make a pact to come out of the closet until next year's Pride Parade.
Their grandfather's funeral troubles teenage cousins ​​Thiago and Guilherme. They flee to an old family property, taking Priscila with them, but their fun is threatened when they run out of alcohol. The boys then start a game that ends up bringing up memories of the old ranch.
The series tells the story of a love relationship between two brothers, when it comes to an end. In the middle of a trip to the interior of Minas Gerias, the couple seeks to understand what is left inside a love that will have to be transformed once again for each one ...
Ana along with her boyfriend Murilo, crosses the roads of the interior of Santa Catarina to the sea, to participate in a Festival of Music. But the road reserves, in addition to the emotions and discoveries, the need to turn back to be able - maybe one day - to move on.
Dante is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, remaining indifferent to the world. A young psychiatrist, willing to unravel his condition, makes a series of interviews with people who lived with him before hospitalization.
In an amusement park on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, lives a solitary mechanic who takes care of a Ferris wheel. His daily life changes when he decides to write a book, and on his sleepless nights a mysterious prostitute emerges as the best inspiration for his story.
A husband investigates the mysterious murder of his wife at the same time as the police.
A photographer goes to the South of Brazil to look for a new face for an international campaign and finds a model that is prevented by her father to follow a modeling career.
Adriana, a successful writer, follows her romance with André, who is launching his new fashion collection on a cruise in the Caribbean. However, when she discovers that his ex-girlfriend will accompany him, she invites her sister, Luiza, and her former housekeeper Dialinda to accompany her on a new adventure.
Five old-time friends find themselves in financial trouble and come together to take part in a heist. A hilarious tale of friendship and money.
Adapted from the autobiography of Hiroito de Moraes Joanides (Daniel de Oliveira), the film portrays the life of Hiroito. Born into a middle-class family, he frequented a decadent region in São Paulo full of prostitution, bars and drugs in search of sexual adventures, until a personal tragedy causes a change in his life.
Lilian Andrade, better known as Lika, is a woman addicted to apps. After another heartbreak, she takes the advice of her best friend, Claudinho, and decides to try relationship apps.
The intimacy of five couples living in Brazil in the beginning of the 60s. The audience dives into the intimate coexistence of each of them to discover fears and desires in an intriguing, agile and humorous narrative about the fragility of relationships.
Douglas and his inseparable friends, Lucas and Samanta, are cheerful and curious children who discover ideas and questions of scientific nature and seek out Douglas's nerdy brother for answers.
The quiet and oppressed life in the asylum Our Lady of Mercy takes a new direction with the arrival of a new guest. The news that Jesus was cloned leads the elders into an adventure filled with good humor, resilience, friendship and passion.
After the death of his cousin Danilo, Rodrigo, Amaral and Tonico are forced to participate in a blackmail scheme, thought out by his sister Simone and police officers Cid and Da Silva.
Eduardo and Julia love each other, but they struggle to survive a crisis. Two children, the shadow of jealousy and the ghost of a suicide attempt lead the day-to-day life of this long marriage. What is gained and what is lost when one decides to stay?
In a childhood marked by friendship, fun and adventures, Fernando sees his fantasy come true when his reflection in the mirror comes to life.
The streets of Tijuca are transformed for Chinese New Year, while Rio de Janeiro prepares for the Olympics. Hua and Ayon, a couple of Chinese cousins, secretly fall in love. One day Ayon gets a ticket to China to work in a family business and everything changes.
Margarida lives in São Félix, isolated by the pain of losing her son. Violeta lives her life in Cachoeira, between the adversities of everyday life and traumas of the past. When they meet again, a process of transformation begins, capable of bringing up new friendships and old love.
In Bahia of the Seventies, Lúcio and Terezinha have a troubled life, until the butler announces the death of the mother of the girl. The news throws her in despair, but it is also a relief to her financial condition; until the employees decide to get involved and create even more ...
In a hotel room in Buenos Aires, Sofia awaits the visit of her boyfriend, who lives in Brazil. When Antônio arrives, they try to stay together, but the longer it takes, the more the distance between them grows.
Zaira is a spiteful woman. She left the job of seamstress to care for Inacio, his schizophrenic and homosexual son, who is a porter in the building where they live. The mother's relationship with her son becomes explosive when her husband, the caretaker of the building, dies, and they run the risk of losing ...
Helô has a troubled relationship with his mother Ruth, besides being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Everything changes when he meets Leda, for whom he falls in love and begins a romance. The new relationship is not well accepted neither by his family nor even by Ruth, which increases the friction ...
Six teenage friends from a slum in Belo Horizonte unite for a common purpose around a community center.
Three couples are in crisis, living crucial moments in their lives, each family representing a different social class and group of different personal values.
Natural from Bahia, Nazaré goes to São Paulo for the first time to visit her brother Natanael. While he has a work-oriented lifestyle, Nazaré lives a healthy relationship with people, nature and food.
Cecy Brik is a young anthropologist who, at the end of the 70's, will study the Paiter Indians, in the confines of the Amazon. There he gets involved with the dramas of this people, and, in the opposite direction, the paiter the more they fight, the more they get involved with the products and the culture of the world ...
André is a young resident of Vila Operária, a neighborhood next to an old aluminum factory in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. One day he finds the notebook of one of the factory workers.
João and Isis, two city kids, can't get off their smartphones for a single minute. To try to ease on the internet obsession, their parents decide to spend their vacation at the grandparents' farm at Pantanal, confident that they can disconnect and have a good time as a family.
In São Paulo, a famous and trendy photographer lives surrounded by beautiful models, but he hides a terrible secret: from time to time he kills the girls, transforming the corpses into art installations. The bodies always wrapped in the shape of a cocoon covered in dried leaves.
A love triangle resurfaces after forty years. Miguel and Lucia are celebrating their four-decade wedding anniversary, but the arrival of Maria Eugenia will disrupt the couple's plans.
A Scottish woman returns to Argentina after her sister's death to take care of her eight-year-old nephew, but also attracted to the idea of being around Jack, her brother-in-law for whom she nurtures a platonic love. This relationship unfolds until Octavio Brandt begins to seduce Dolores, becoming an unexpected love for her.
Leo and Maysa are in a relationship crisis until they start dating another couple they have just met, Adélia and Heitor. This encounter completely changes the dynamics of both couples and their personal lives.
On New Year's Eve, Aurora, a lonely old woman, dances alone at home in an attempt to ward off loneliness. She believes that she is alone in the building where she lives, but is surprised by the arrival of Simone, a new neighbor.
Based on real events, Dear Ambassador tells the story of Luiz de Souza Dantas, a Brazilian ambassador who, during World War II, saved the lives of more than 1,000 "Jews and other undesirables" by granting irregular diplomatic visas to Brazil.
Two centuries ago, a sugar plantation was a stage for horror. Years later, the past is still present and strange events begin to unfold, death becoming evident. Five tales of horror illustrate the narrative.
A fictional feature that shows the preparation of a team of young actors about to premiere a play and everything that happens with this group off the stage during this period.
Years after separating, Ana and Fernando decided to visit once again Chapada dos Veadeiros, which was the scene of an intense love story between the two. The trip is a second chance for this passion. But time has passed and they may not be the same.  
After losing a baby in the last months of pregnancy, Joana takes a few days off in Peruíbe, a small seaside town known for flying saucer appearances. After a night of casual sex with a stranger, a man disappears into town. Joana begins a strange relationship with Maria, ...
The story of an old photographer who is becoming blind and tries to live with the limitations of old age.
Ophelia, a young photographer of 20 years, believes she has discovered who her father is. He leaves Sao Vicente for Ubatuba and sends him a letter before leaving. Tedesco, a famous plastic artist, receives the letter from the daughter he did not know he had. Surprised and at the same time ...
Flávio (Rafael Cortez) is a stand-up comedian who, amidst success, is faced with the challenge of finding the sense of humor he loses after his mother, Graça (Fafy Siqueira), discovers that she has cancer.
In a forest deep in Brazil, a girl sees her life - and everyone's around her - change terribly when she finds the Lost Book of Cipriano, which has a Dark Magic that, besides bestowing power and wealth on its possessor, is able to liberate a terrible evil about the...
Helô has a troubled relationship with his mother Ruth, besides being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Everything changes when he meets Leda, for whom he falls in love and begins a romance. The new relationship is not well accepted neither by his family nor even by Ruth, which increases the friction ...
David, a shy film student who hides a dark past, becomes a serial killer famous for filming his victims and uploading the videos on the internet.

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