Boca de Ouro conta a história de um temido e respeitado bicheiro, figura quase mitológica no bairro de Madureira (Rio de Janeiro) durante os anos 60. Sua ambição, amores e pecados despertam a curiosidade do jornalista Caveirinha, que procura uma ex-amante do criminoso para colher material para uma reportagem sobre...
Rotina típica de quem vive nos cortiços do bairro do Bexiga, na cidade de São Paulo, retratada pelos olhos de uma menina de nove anos em uma jornada para conseguir dinheiro e comprar um presente de aniversário para sua avó – um kit de maquiagem completo.
A jovem fotógrafa Ophelia (Bruna Marquezine) acredita ter descoberto quem é seu pai e, determinada, sai de Santos, a nado, rumo a Ubatuba, onde espera encontrá-lo. Antes de partir, envia-lhe uma carta avisando que está a caminho.   Produzido por: Geórgia Costa Araújo, Klaus Mitteldorf e Joana Mariani Produção Executiva:...
After the death of his mother a lonely young man finds his half - sister for the first time. From this intense conviviality are revealed unexpected truths about the father and the past of the two.
Alex, Fagner and Diogenes live together, but their relationship goes far beyond a mere division of household expenses. The three young friends forge a new family order in an effort to overcome the impacts on the affective and social poverty of their childhoods. Loss, abandonment and rejection ...
Valdo is an alcoholic who has not yet realized this. A man full of possibilities that are almost: talented, can almost be a good professional; in love, you can almost be a good mate. Almost a good father. White, cis, heir, photographer and militant, Valdo sees himself ...
Maria (Julia Cotta) receives the visit of the Angel Gabriel, who brings the message of her pregnancy from the Holy Spirit. Even reluctantly, Joseph marries her and takes over the child to raise as his own. In a humble stable of Bethlehem is born Jesus (Allan Ralph), who spends the next 33 years preaching, ...
Léo (Daniel Rocha) spent his entire life trying to become a famous and successful soccer player, but the suburban routine never relieved his side. However, even with all the problems, he does the same as any good Brazilian: he does not give up and keeps trying. Intention ...
The horror, the bizarre and the inexplicable are found in this collection of eight stories directed by some of Brazil's most promising film directors.
A fictional feature that shows the preparation of a team of young actors about to premiere a play and everything that happens with this group off the stage during this period.
Their grandfather's funeral troubles teenage cousins ​​Thiago and Guilherme. They flee to an old family property, taking Priscila with them, but their fun is threatened when they run out of alcohol. The boys then start a game that ends up bringing up memories of the old ranch.
The series tells the story of a love relationship between two brothers, when it comes to an end. In the middle of a trip to the interior of Minas Gerias, the couple seeks to understand what is left inside a love that will have to be transformed once again for each one ...
Ana along with her boyfriend Murilo, crosses the roads of the interior of Santa Catarina to the sea, to participate in a Festival of Music. But the road reserves, in addition to the emotions and discoveries, the need to turn back to be able - maybe one day - to move on.
Dante is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, remaining indifferent to the world. A young psychiatrist, willing to unravel his condition, makes a series of interviews with people who lived with him before hospitalization.
In an amusement park on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, lives a solitary mechanic who takes care of a Ferris wheel. His daily life changes when he decides to write a book, and on his sleepless nights a mysterious prostitute emerges as the best inspiration for his story.
A husband investigates the mysterious murder of his wife at the same time as the police.
A photographer goes to the South of Brazil to look for a new face for an international campaign and finds a model that is prevented by her father to follow a modeling career.
Five old-time friends find themselves in financial trouble and come together to take part in a heist. A hilarious tale of friendship and money.
Adapted from the autobiography of Hiroito de Moraes Joanides (Daniel de Oliveira), the film portrays the life of Hiroito. Born into a middle-class family, he frequented a decadent region in São Paulo full of prostitution, bars and drugs in search of sexual adventures, until a personal tragedy causes a change in his life.
The intimacy of five couples living in Brazil in the beginning of the 60s. The audience dives into the intimate coexistence of each of them to discover fears and desires in an intriguing, agile and humorous narrative about the fragility of relationships.
Douglas and his inseparable friends, Lucas and Samanta, are cheerful and curious children who discover ideas and questions of scientific nature and seek out Douglas's nerdy brother for answers.
The quiet and oppressed life in the asylum Our Lady of Mercy takes a new direction with the arrival of a new guest. The news that Jesus was cloned leads the elders into an adventure filled with good humor, resilience, friendship and passion.
After the death of his cousin Danilo, Rodrigo, Amaral and Tonico are forced to participate in a blackmail scheme, thought out by his sister Simone and police officers Cid and Da Silva.
Eduardo and Julia love each other, but they struggle to survive a crisis. Two children, the shadow of jealousy and the ghost of a suicide attempt lead the day-to-day life of this long marriage. What is gained and what is lost when one decides to stay?
In a childhood marked by friendship, fun and adventures, Fernando sees his fantasy come true when his reflection in the mirror comes to life.
The streets of Tijuca are transformed for Chinese New Year, while Rio de Janeiro prepares for the Olympics. Hua and Ayon, a couple of Chinese cousins, secretly fall in love. One day Ayon gets a ticket to China to work in a family business and everything changes.
Margarida lives in São Félix, isolated by the pain of losing her son. Violeta lives her life in Cachoeira, between the adversities of everyday life and traumas of the past. When they meet again, a process of transformation begins, capable of bringing up new friendships and old love.
In Bahia of the Seventies, Lúcio and Terezinha have a troubled life, until the butler announces the death of the mother of the girl. The news throws her in despair, but it is also a relief to her financial condition; until the employees decide to get involved and create even more ...
In a hotel room in Buenos Aires, Sofia awaits the visit of her boyfriend, who lives in Brazil. When Antônio arrives, they try to stay together, but the longer it takes, the more the distance between them grows.
Zaira is a spiteful woman. She left the job of seamstress to care for Inacio, his schizophrenic and homosexual son, who is a porter in the building where they live. The mother's relationship with her son becomes explosive when her husband, the caretaker of the building, dies, and they run the risk of losing ...
Helô has a troubled relationship with his mother Ruth, besides being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Everything changes when he meets Leda, for whom he falls in love and begins a romance. The new relationship is not well accepted neither by his family nor even by Ruth, which increases the friction ...
Six teenage friends from a slum in Belo Horizonte unite for a common purpose around a community center.
Three couples are in crisis, living crucial moments in their lives, each family representing a different social class and group of different personal values.
Natural from Bahia, Nazaré goes to São Paulo for the first time to visit her brother Natanael. While he has a work-oriented lifestyle, Nazaré lives a healthy relationship with people, nature and food.
Cecy Brik is a young anthropologist who, at the end of the 70's, will study the Paiter Indians, in the confines of the Amazon. There he gets involved with the dramas of this people, and, in the opposite direction, the paiter the more they fight, the more they get involved with the products and the culture of the world ...
André is a young resident of Vila Operária, a neighborhood next to an old aluminum factory in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. One day he finds the notebook of one of the factory workers.
João and Isis, two city kids, can't get off their smartphones for a single minute. To try to ease on the internet obsession, their parents decide to spend their vacation at the grandparents' farm at Pantanal, confident that they can disconnect and have a good time as a family.
A love triangle resurfaces after forty years. Miguel and Lucia are celebrating their four-decade wedding anniversary, but the arrival of Maria Eugenia will disrupt the couple's plans.
Leo and Maysa are in a relationship crisis until they start dating another couple they have just met, Adélia and Heitor. This encounter completely changes the dynamics of both couples and their personal lives.
On New Year's Eve, Aurora, a lonely old woman, dances alone at home in an attempt to ward off loneliness. She believes that she is alone in the building where she lives, but is surprised by the arrival of Simone, a new neighbor.
Based on real events, Dear Ambassador tells the story of Luiz de Souza Dantas, a Brazilian ambassador who, during World War II, saved the lives of more than 1,000 "Jews and other undesirables" by granting irregular diplomatic visas to Brazil.
Há dois séculos, uma fazenda canavieira era palco de horrores. Anos depois, o passado permanece e eventos estranhos começam a se desenvolver, a morte tornando-se evidente. Cinco contos de horror ilustram a narrativa. Confira o horário e garanta o seu ingresso!
A fictional feature that shows the preparation of a team of young actors about to premiere a play and everything that happens with this group off the stage during this period.
Years after separating, Ana and Fernando decided to visit once again Chapada dos Veadeiros, which was the scene of an intense love story between the two. The trip is a second chance for this passion. But time has passed and they may not be the same.  
After losing a baby in the last months of pregnancy, Joana takes a few days off in Peruíbe, a small seaside town known for flying saucer appearances. After a night of casual sex with a stranger, a man disappears into town. Joana begins a strange relationship with Maria, ...
Ernesto, an eighty-year-old Uruguayan photographer living in Brazil, has been facing the troubles of old age such as loneliness and an increasing blindness he thinks he can hide from everyone. As days go by, he realizes that growing old may also mean to have fun with one’s ghosts, to indulge oneself in the blurred images of blindness, to feel young again with the fresh company of a young neighbor trying to discover life. And that it may not be too late to explore the possibility of an old love never forgotten.
Ophelia, a young photographer of 20 years, believes she has discovered who her father is. He leaves Sao Vicente for Ubatuba and sends him a letter before leaving. Tedesco, a famous plastic artist, receives the letter from the daughter he did not know he had. Surprised and at the same time ...
Flávio (Rafael Cortez) is a stand-up comedian who, amidst success, is faced with the challenge of finding the sense of humor he loses after his mother, Graça (Fafy Siqueira), discovers that she has cancer.
In a forest deep in Brazil, a girl sees her life - and everyone's around her - change terribly when she finds the Lost Book of Cipriano, which has a Dark Magic that, besides bestowing power and wealth on its possessor, is able to liberate a terrible evil about the...
Helô has a troubled relationship with his mother Ruth, besides being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Everything changes when he meets Leda, for whom he falls in love and begins a romance. The new relationship is not well accepted neither by his family nor even by Ruth, which increases the friction ...
David, a shy film student who hides a dark past, becomes a serial killer famous for filming his victims and uploading the videos on the internet.

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