Elo Company will participate in 3 panels at Rio2C, the largest event of creativity and innovation in Latin America, aimed at professionals and enthusiasts of audiovisual, music, media, science and technology. The event takes place from April 23 to 28, in the City of Arts, in Rio de Janeiro.



The panel is a joint presentation of Free The Bid, Selo Elas, WAWA (Worldwide Audiovisual Women's Association) and Women of Audiovisual Brazil. Each speaker will present his respective program and project, giving an overview of the history and relevance, as well as the scope of action.

Barbara Sturm, director of content for the Elo Company, leads to the debate the Seal Selo, which aims to distribute feature film projects with a female director (learn more about the Seal They here).

In this panel, will also be present: Mariana Youssef, director and ambassador of Free The Bid; the director Débora Ivanov (Ancine); WAWA's Solange Cruz; Malu Andrade, Women's Audiovisual and Head, Academic Quality and the British School of Creative Arts. Laís Bodanzky, of Spcine.

The Women in Audiovisual panel will take place on April 24 at 5:00 p.m.



Sabrina Nudeliman Wagon, CEO of Elo Company, talks about how to use blockchain technology to account for, generate business and distribute dividends to the entire audiovisual production chain in a transparent and decentralized way with synchronized information flow.

The panel will also include: Daniel Tonacci, an expert in regulation (Ancine); Sérgio Branco, from the Institute of Technology and Society - ITS Rio; Vanessa Almeida, manager of blockbain initiative (BNDS) and Thiago Catarino, of Holdx.

Blockchain, Audiovisual & Transparency takes place at the Camera Theater - Petrobras, April 26, at 10am.

Sabrina Nudeliman also participates in the Blockchain and Entrepreneurship panel, at the BNDES Space, on April 25, at 4:45 pm. 

Rio2C - Rio Creative Conference offers seminars and panels on topics such as the art of making films and series, fintech (financial technology), customer engagement through music, artificial intelligence, live streaming and nanotechnology, among others.

Aron Warner, producer of the "Shrek" franchise, is already confirmed in the lecture grid; author and screenwriter Patrick Somerville, creator of the "Maniac" series of Netflix; musician Heitor TP, former guitarist for Simply Red and composer of blockbuster movie tracks such as "Minions" and "My Favorite Evil 2"; Ricardo Penzin, director of the Brazilian headquarters of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), a company that is developing a system of high-speed cargo and passenger transportation, in capsules inside vacuum tubes; and the publicist PJ Pereira, the pioneer of digital marketing in Brazil, with an Emmy and four Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.



Journalists and directors talk about converting the news to factual work, deepening the message and attracting the audience.

Maria Carolina Telles, manager of the development and production core, represents Elo in this panel.

The event also counts on the participation of: Breno Costa, from Brio Hunter; Carla Jimenez, from El País Brasil; Susanna Lira, of Operant Mode and director of the documentary Mussum, A Film of Cacildis, distributed by Elo Company.

From Fact to Factual - the Post Truth Age will be held at the Audiovisual Room on April 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Check out the complete schedule.

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