Elo Company: Lawn Festival and Preview
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I'll Swim To You, feature film to be released by Elo Company, premiered at the 47th Gramado Film Festival! The film marks Bruna Marquezine's film debut. Directed by Klaus Mitteldorf, the film tells the story of Ophelia, a girl in love with photography, who decides to swim from Santos to Ubatuba to find her father. Elo Company launches the movie soon in theaters!
The documentary The Uncertain Place of Desire filled the movie theaters of Petra Belas Artes in its premiere! Directed by Paula Trabulsi, the film was shot in Paris and stars actress Maria Fernanda Cândido, who plays Ana Thereza, a woman seized by a sweeping desire that challenges the balance of her life. From there, a number of respondents explore the many facets of this feeling. The event also launched the book of the same name and the photographic exhibition by Luciano Amado, which complete the project Line of Desire. Learn more about the project by clicking on here.
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