Immigrant Brazil: Elo Company co-production debuts on History channel
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Another Elo Company production debuts on TV. Brasil de Imigrantes is a co-production of Elo with the History channel and tells stories of immigrant families who came to the country to undertake and today run large companies. They are: Bauducco family (Italy); David Velez from Nubank (Colombia); Ostrowiecki family from Multilaser (Poland); Thái Nghiã from Goóc (Vietnam); Suekichi Nakaya from Sakura (Japan) and Alberto Saraiva from Habib's (Portugal).


The episodes are presented by actress Maria Fernanda Cândido and tell the story of immigrations through the trajectory of entrepreneurs, going through the moment when families left their countries of origin, through all the difficulties and overcoming, and advancing until the beginning of life in Brazil. Brazil and its enterprises.


The directions of each company were marked by various challenges, such as a fire at the Goóc factory and the sudden death of the founder of Multilaser. But the series also showcases strategies that have worked very well, such as helicopter pamphlet advertising Bauducco's panettone and the selling tactic chosen by the Habib's founder's son that was instrumental to its growth.


With general direction by Maria Carolina Telles, direction by David Vaz and executive production by Paula Garcia, the script also seeks to show the economic importance of immigration flows. Interviews with experts Ana Fontes, Heródoto Barbeiro, Mara Luquet and Renato Cruz bring into debate the advantages and disadvantages that immigrants have when undertaking away from home.
The episodes air every Monday at 8:40 pm on the History channel. Do not miss it!
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