"Os Habitantes do Fundo do Mar" trata-se de um produto musical idealizado para o universo infantil de uma maneira lúdica, divertida e educativa, retratando alguns animais que habitam o fundo do mar brasileiro, algumas características dessas espécies e de seu habitat.
A série de animação Buzzu na escola intergaláctica pretende mostrar, de forma divertida, que é possível conviver com diferentes culturas, e lidar bem com as adversidades. Para isso conta com a criatura mais estranha e esquisita que qualquer ser vivo já viu: Buzzu!
Two inexperienced producers decide to make an animation series. One is stressed out and the other is totally calm and relaxed. With a fun language, they show how a cartoon is made, from the script to the actual release.
In this animated series, the characters are dogs that behave like humans and the stories revolve around daily life (although some situations are somewhat fantastic). Gui is energetic, optimistic and often naive, while Estopa is a good-natured dog, who's always hungry and doesn't let things get to him.
The memories of an old woman are mixed with the findings of a girl in love with a scarecrow.
Cosmic, Luna and Maninho live in a futuristic world where their lives are totally programmed. One night, the three of them get lost in a small circus universe. After playing around and enjoying the whole new experience, their worlds send a special mission to rescue them.
Guida, a sweet old lady who has been working for 30 years as an archivist at the City Forum, has her tedious routine modified when she comes across an ad for live model classes at a cultural center.
Sofrendo com a falta do pai, um menino deixa sua aldeia e descobre um mundo fantástico dominado por máquinas-bichos e estranhos seres. Uma inusitada animação com várias técnicas artísticas que retrata as questões do mundo moderno através do olhar de uma criança. Direção: Alê Abreu Produção: Alê Abreu Produções Indicado...
Through beautiful hand-drawings, the film tells the story of a bird and its cage. What started out as a simple drawing exercise turned into an animation full of humor, imagination and ability.
An animated sitcom about three guys who are in the battle to stop being the "nobody" of local music and become gods of world rock.
Cuca, Curupira, Iara and other Brazilian folklore characters are going through all sorts of crises, and the solution may be to have therapy sessions with a specialist who will help them regain their self-esteem.
Through Yoruba mythology, Òrun Àiyé shows the trajectory of Oxalá (Carlinhos Brown) in his mission to create the World.
A collection of little love stories of all kinds.
Nina is a 6 year old girl living with her parents in a forest reserve. One day, Nina is presented with a magic necklace, which allows her to see and talk with the animals and the Nature Guardians, helping them to protect the fauna, the flora and the ...
In ancient Egypt, the Roman army is conducting their most recent prisoners of war in the desert. Dissatisfied, a boy tries to escape from his captors.
Aiming to introduce History to children in a light and fun way, the series promotes the encounter between animation and documentary by showing, in each of the thirteen episodes, the life trajectory of characters that changed the course of our history.
Astrobaldo is a genius and creative 5-year-old who dreams of becoming an astronaut. On everyday occasions, he imagines space situations, traveling through the planets of the solar system and discovering real and imaginary things.
On any given day, a baby gets a teddy bear from his mother. The new toy becomes his best friend, but over time the bear ends up becoming very boring. The baby carries him with disregard, until fate allows a turnaround.
Tito is a shy boy who lives with his mother. Suddenly, an epidemic spreads, causing people to become sick when they are frightened, and Tito learns that the cure is related to his father's research on bird song. So he embarks on a journey to save ...

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