Audiovisual content is created, produced and distributed with the mission of creating powerful experiences and entertainment which provoke emotions, expanding world perspectives in different audiences.

We believe we can live in a better place, and we see in storytelling powerful tools of communication and transformation.

We connect talented people who create narratives that are capable of touching the audience. Passionate and creative professionals work from the idealization of a good narrative to connecting with the audience through all platforms in Brazil and worldwide.

In the market for over 15 years and more than500 titles released, the companyhas three business units: 

1- Development and content creation

2 - Releasing and programming

3 - Licensing and video on demand 

Since 2007 we've been operating in the video on demand market, focusing on innovation as its main development tool. We were one of the first companies to launch video on demand online in Brazil - Joost in partnership with Skype, and Blinkx Brasil in partnership with the British internet media company Blinkx. We also launched one of the first online festivals along with Terra - Festival Judaico 2012. 

Over the past few years, we have released contents in more than 40 platforms around the world including innovative strategies such as the digital release of “Atrás da Sombra”, in partnership with the Brazilian tv channel Canal Brasil, and the first original LATAM's vimeo.


Development and content production

Films, series and TV shows that reflect human and cultural diversity are produced with the intention of expanding world perspectives, in partnership with national and international productions companies such as Nat Geo Latam, History Channel, RedeTV!, Trace TV and Warner Bros. We prioritize innovative business models along with our network of partners in Brazil and abroad.

Releasing and programming

We work fully and all the way through the release of new products in the market via cinema or other media. There were a variety of films released from North to South Brazil, directed by women and people of color, comedies and documentaries. 

Some of the films distributed and redistributed in cinema are: 

  • “S.O.S: Mulheres Ao Mar 2” (1.5 million viewers in 2015)
  • “Espaço Além: Marina Abramovic e o Brasil”, first Latin America film on Vimeo Originals and highest-grossing documentary of the year 
  • “Tito e os Pássaros”, awarded in Anima Mundi and pre-nominated for an academy award 

There will be great commercial potential films for our lineup in the next few years, such as “Silencio da Chuva “ by Daniel Filho; “Medida Provisória" by Lázaro Ramos"; “Miss Beach” by Cris Damatto; “Almost in love” by Leonardo Brzezicki; de Leonardo Brzezicki, “De Repente Drag” and “Prisioneiro da Liberdade”, both in post-production; “Miss Beach Star”, “Na Rédea Curta” and “Depois da saideira” which are filming now.

Licensing and video on demand

Since 2015 we have built an extensive relationship and partnership network in all continents. There are three working fronts:

1- Strategy and festivals management: “Menino e o Mundo”, Annecy winning-award and nominated for Academy Award Best Animated Feature in 2016, winning over 15 awards in its career.

2- Licensing or selling for all media in Brazil and abroad: the documentary "Espaço Além – Marina Abramovic e o Brasil" commercialized in around 80 countries in different media and screened in USA, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Thailand, Macedonia, Argentina, Hungary and Romania's movie theaters. It was also screened in Institutions and festivals around the world.

3- Video on Demand: present in over 40 platforms in all continents.


Distributing national content for over 15 years




Countries screening Elo's films. Distribution in all continents.


Video on demand platforms
all over the world.



Nominated for the Academy Awards (2016) as Best Animated Feature

The Space in Between: Marina Abramovic in Brazil

1st movie Vimeo Originals from Latin America

Distribution of 1st documentary Branded Spotify

SOS: Women on the Sea 2

1.5 million of spectators

6 branded projects for CPFL

3 winning titles at Annecy


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